Broadcast Services

Streamlining Broadcast Operations

Broadcast Operation Services

Shelroy Media provides complete services for Broadcasters to streamline the Broadcast Operations.

The key Broadcast Operations services are:

1. Planning, Scheduling and As-Run reporting

Shelroy Media can compile frame-accurate daily broadcast schedules for your Television channel, providing you complete ‘running order’ of programs and materials that will be transmitted during each broadcast day. This will free you from maintaining a separate Planning and scheduling team. In preparing the running order, Shelroy Media can handle your programs and commercial materials prepared by the Traffic teams, as well as program trailers and channel branding. Other more complex elements such as voice-overs, warning boards, End credit s queeze backs as well as other secondary events can also be taken care.

2. Commercial Operations

We provide management, tracking, rotation, and maximization of commercial spots with a matrix of accuracy and timeliness. This is managed through a workflow process. We can manage the sourcing of the correct material, checking and adding of metadata and following it through to its final transmission.

3. Techinical Compliances

Our in-house access services team has a full understanding of worldwide regulations and industry guidelines. As part of our service we can review your product to ensure technical compliance with respective territory rules and regulation as well as channel’s delivery standards accessibility. We provide services for r all Regional Languages and foreign languages. As part of the service we make sure that local regulatory compliance is taken care of and we will produce regulatory reports. We have handled the Ofcom regulations for one of the broadcaster for their Movie channel from Editing till On air. During our tenure there was no warning came across from Ofcom.

Failure to comply with the Code is likely to result in details of the Code breach being published by Ofcom and, in the case of serious or persistent breaches, it can impose statutory sanctions. Ofcom has the power to issue a direction to broadcast a summary of its adjudication on air; impose a fine (which could be substantial) and even shorten or remove a channel’s licence to broadcast (with certain exceptions). The publication of a finding against a programme or the imposition of a sanction, along with the resulting adverse press, can damage the reputation of both the broadcaster and the programme-makers, We have all the expertise to handle most of the regulations or law of the land across the Globe in terms of broadcasting code.

4. EPG Services

A detailed programming guide enables users to make smart choice about viewing a program. Also a complete and comprehensive Program guide makes the viewer more involved and “sticky”. With the modern DTH technology of recording your favorite shows when you are not able to be present the EPG will help the viewer to choose and records such shows, series. Apart from this, Shelroy can also provide an EPG database and applications that will make sure that your Programming Guide is seamlessly available to Set-Top box, Web and Mobile. While viewer interaction with Set-Top box is on a real-time basis, availability of EPG on Web and Mobile can be significant in driving traffic to your television channel.

Shelroy Media brings extensive experience in creating annotation and metadata tagging for entertainment programs that are both informative and exciting for the end-users.

Broadcast IT Systems

Shelroy Media offers services in implementing, enhancing and maintaining Broadcast IT systems. Some of the examples of the systems that we can implement are:

  • • Broadcast Management System
  • • Rights Management System
  • • Content Library Management System
  • • Commercial Management System
  • • Facility Management

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