Content Enrichment and Access Services

The best way to protect your content

Content Enrichment and Access Services

Your content library needs to be protected from changing technology as well as wear and tear and consequent deterioration in quality that come with time. Digitization and creation of content library is first step towards better monetization and unlocking of your vault. It is also the best way to protect your content from regular wear and tear as well constant upgrade that is required with changing tape technology. This also a must to make sure that your content is more mobile and easily accessible to right stakeholders. For a Content Owner and Production Company, the completely digital and annotated library, can substantially improve concept generation, production process, and fulfillment process.

Extend your Content Reach

You create and produce your content for a primary audience. However, there is sufficient audience base that you can reach if you enrich your content correctly. Shelroy can enrich your content by dubbing and subtitling it in appropriate language. Shelroy can dub and subtitle these contents in multiple international and Indian languages. The captioning process can also be used to capture ambient sounds to ensure that you content is also enjoyed by hearing impaired individuals.

Restore Your Content

Your old content that is lying in tape may have suffered damage due to aging. Shelroy will restore your content for any audio or video defects.

  • 1. Tape Restoration
  • 2. Video Correction
  • 3. Multi-Lingual Subtitling / Captioning
  • 4. Dubbing


Digital Asset Management
  • 1. Tape Digitization (Along with Quality Check, Restoration, and Correction)
  • 2. Content Tagging and Annotation
  • 3. Streaming / Encoding
  • 4. On-Demand Fulfillment


Technology Services
  • 1. Digital Asset Management Deployment
  • 2. News Room Automation
  • 3. Post-Production Setup, Promo making
  • 4. Graphics, Animation, Editing.
  • 5. Broadcast Management System
  • 6. Rights Management System

Multi-Lingual Open & Close captioning Subtitling

At Shelroy Media, our dedicated in-house subtitling and captioning team provides a level of service and care that very few subtitling companies can offer. They are experienced in working to tight deadlines, producing large volumes of work at outstanding speed, without ever compromising on quality. Our subtitlers are accomplished linguists, trained to use our specialist software with efficiency and ease. All subtitle files undergo a rigorous quality control process to guarantee accuracy and precision before delivery, ensuring that the end product is of the absolute highest standard. Shelroy Media’s expert team of project managers will happily talk you through the subtitling process and advise on the best format and delivery method for your project.

We also offer additional services, such as transcription, extra quality control stages, audio script creation, quality checking of audio files, and much more. They are skilled in creating and adapting media content for hearing or visually impaired audiences to provide a rewarding and enjoyable experience. At Shelroy , we specialise in audio description and subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. We offer a reliable and trustworthy service to help you reach the maximum audience. Our dedicated staff will advise you on the best options for your project and take care of everything you need. We guarantee that the finished product will be delivered according to your exact specifications, on time and in compliance with industry requirements.


For the specialist in-house translators, copywriters and proofreaders at Shelroy Media, accuracy and consistency are of the essence. Together with a global network of qualified linguists including all Indian regional languages they produce large volumes of high-quality translations into over 35 languages, with fast turnarounds.

Our experienced translators will ensure that your brand message conveys the same meaning in every language or dialect, across every territory, at reasonable cost. They will effortlessly adapt your content to any market, whilst being respectful of cultural nuances, values and local idioms. Unlike our competitors, Shelroy Media is uniquely placed to provide a breadth of standalone translation services through our integration with our counter parts across the world. By sharing our premises and resources, we can supply a wide range of translation, copywriting, transcription and typesetting services, all completed in-house.

We offer following other additional services:

  • 1. Transcreation - Transporting your creative message to new audiences
  • 2. Legal translations - Certified legal, medical and commercial translations
  • 3. Website copy localisation - Introducing products to global markets with compelling copy
  • 4. Transcription - Large volumes, fast turnarounds and accuracy

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