Digital Asset Management

An effective enterprise solution to store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital files

Digital Asset Management

All the content locked up in your vault is your most important asset. However, with the content locked up in tapes is not working for you. Shelroy Media provides complete Media Asset Transformation services and Market Making services so that your content comes out of the vault and starts making money for you again. Your content library needs to be protected from changing technology as well as wear and tear and consequent deterioration in quality that come with time. Digitization and creation of content library is first step towards better monetization and unlocking of your vault. It is also the best way to protect your content from regular wear and tear as well constant upgrade that is required with changing tape technology. This also a must to make sure that your content is more mobile and easily accessible to right stakeholders. For a Content Owner and Production Company, the completely digital and annotated library, can substantially improve concept generation, production process, and fulfillment process.

The Unlocking of Vault services consists of:

  • Vault Analysis – Analyzing the status of the content by age, content cleanliness, and above all its monetizability. With the vault analysis, we will present you a complete plan and priority for unlocking your vault.

Your old content that is lying in tape may have suffered damage due to aging. Shelroy will restore your content for any audio or video defects.

Broadcast TV Channel Set up

Shelroy Media offers a professional, flexible and reliable service to both start up and established channels looking to broadcast their content to a global audience. Its particular expertise in helping new channels choose the right solution and the right audience for their programming means that they can help with the technicalities of broadcasting, as well as offering specialist advice to ensure a successful broadcasting strategy, contact us to find out how Shelroy Media can help you. We also help in getting Government permissions.

Studio & News Room Set up

These days, a studio is needed for content creators, production houses, reality shows, news rooms and many other reasons for the media, entertainment people and broadcasters. Shelroy Media’s expertise also lies in providing cost-effective solutions for setting up studios and PCRs. Studio and PCR solutions from Shelroy Media include audio systems, live recording, camera, systems, and microphones.

This is truly full-service solution due to presence of products, expertise and know-how. Shelroy Media also offers turnkey solutions for setting up studio and PCR, starting from design, set up, installations, software, IT infrastructure and uplink/downlink solutions. Create professional television studio with studio and PCR solutions. It is highly recommended to have integrated solution provide like Shelroy Media before setting up a studio and PCR.

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