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Offline and Online Editing

Our Prime Objective at Shelroy Media is to Provide the highest quality services in the field of Post production for Commercials, Feature films, Television Programmers to achieve the greater customer satisfaction.

At Shelroy we provide comprehensive range of post services for Broadcast, Production Houses, Film producers. We believe in quality based services with a pool of talents in terms of Editors, Directors, Technicians and creative people. We plan a extensive work process to suit the broadcasters, Producers to ensure cost efficiency. With an accurate analysis of the customer needs we offer a creative and friendly environment to bring out the imaginations, foresight and all the experience to put together the final product which is close to your heart.

Graphics and Animations

We specialized in visual effects, Graphics and animation with cutting edge technology, state of the art equipment and experienced professionals to deliver the quality product for all your special projects.

Quality Control Assurance (QC)

The traditional approach to quality control is visual inspection QC staff can see two main categories of technical impairments: Signal levels, such as video luma and chroma, or audio loudness.Problems such as black sequences, frozen frames, blockiness, loss of audio, audio/video sync Effective when reviewing relatively small volumes of video content Still subject to human error – short impairments can easily be missed because the QC operator can’t provide 100% attention to the content, File-based workflows can reduce operational costs and enable new revenue opportunities when deployed in a broadcast environment.

An efficient system architecture can be achieved by utilizing a centralized nearline storage system and mezzanine file formats. MXF is a complex container format, but can facilitate file exchanges between systems in the entire workflow, from acquisition to delivery. MXF operational patterns and application specifications help improve interoperability by constraining the available format options.File-based content is subject to errors in the source material, errors from incorrect encoding, and errors from file corruption. An automated QC system, under the control of a MAM system, can identify problems at multiple points in the workflow.

Format Conversions

It is always preferable to outsource your file format conversion services as a judicious blend of software and other manual procedures are required for such conversion services that may not be available in-house. Outsourcing not only saves on costs, it also provides access to the required expertise without having to own it. Shelroy Media is the right place for you to outsource your file format conversion services. Shelroy Media has the required expertise and skills required to execute this service.

It provides customers with cost-effective services without ever compromising on quality. There are various conversion projects that can be done with the help of a software. But in reality, most projects need more than just making use of a convert button. It is better to utilize file format conversion services of a good organization where they use a proper blend of software and manual procedures in order to ensure a better conversion.

Audio & Video Restoration/Corrections

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away”. We assist you in Digital Archiving with Digital Asset Management (including Video Asset Management) which is a systematic process of operating, maintaining, and upgrading physical assets cost-effectively. Asset management systems are goal-driven and include components for data collection, program selection and feedback. Furthermore, through Metadata we can eliminate physical storage problems, making the conventional format of Video storage through tapes made of magnetic tape or iron oxide a thing of the past.Moreover, through this method, each file can be marked by a barcode, name title or any specific information that will enables its easy identification the next time one attempts to search for it. Furthermore, these metadata tagged files can be accessed as normal computer files which make indexing and viewing the files very flexible.

Old films/TV serials play an important role in the culture and the history of a nation. Great moments in every country's past has been captured on film/TV series. Speeches and rallies that have brought nations together and News reports of events worldwide have been captured on film over years and mostly are the sole visual historical record. Hence, there is an urgent need for Digital Restoration and Archiving. The footage and Images of the old times decompose and degrade with time. The environment and conditions of storage further attract fungus, scratches, grains and folds that require restoration. Our history is precious and we need to restore important events, evidence of developments, projects, construction and infrastructure development for our future generations.

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