Blending the best practices

Commercial & Advertising

Blending the best practices of traditional advertising, integrated marketing Shelroy offers advertisers new and innovative opportunities to connect with audiences through all forms of interactive media.

Whether you want to tell your story via TV Commercials, Print Advertisement, internet presence, Webisodes, Mobisodes, or virally through social media, our branded content agency has the creativity and technical expertise to deliver solutions that reach your audiences when you want to reach them and how you want to reach them. With our Advertising solutions, we are currently serving multiple industries that include FMCG, Healthcare and Financial Services.


Promos are an important medium via which television channels showcase their shows and entertainment properties. Citing the ever important role of promos in today’s cluttered and competitive television environment as the number of channels and shows increase, the task for promo makers gets tougher and bitter.

Everyone wants to get noticed with the help of that teaser. While some channels want to retain their audience, some others want to get audiences back.The small teaser is burdened with different aspirations. Promo is no longer just another brick in the wall; it is now one of the important aspects that has the power to determine the fate of a show. We provide such services to most of the Broadcaster to showcase their New TV series or Non fiction shows to garner maximum TRP’s on their Channel.

AV’s & Corporate Films

We understand that every organization has different communication requirements – from simple projector or flat panel installation to complex integrated multi-media solutions. From business to education to government, we have the products and expertise to manage your specific audio/visual system needs from concept to completion. We specialize in several areas of audio/visual system development and can assist you in a number of different areas.

We provide services to multiple corporate Houses and broadcasters too.

Line Productions

Shelroy Media directly manages the primary responsibility for the logistics of the production, from pre-production through completion of production; of all departments. It includes supervising the assembly of the shooting company, the recruitment of key personnel and services, and the production organization for how the script is going to be shot and transformed into a movie/TV show.

Shelroy manage planning the shoot, budgeted for and implemented in the lead up to final product which is managed on a rigorous schedule. Facilitating casting, location scouting, set building and decorating, offices and stages, wardrobe, props, stunts, physical and visual effects, camera, lighting, rigging, transportation, cast, crew. In short the joint planning, negotiations, implementing and accounting for production - are all part of the oversight equation. Shelroy hase done multiple Nonfiction TV series, Film, Promos for few well known broadcasters etc,.

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